On November 4, 2016, at 16:20:44:45 UTC, a 6.3 Magnitude earthquake rattled through Maule, Chile, and cued back to back tremors in under an hour. The intense vibrations reached a depth of 80 km at coordinates 35.02 S and 70,84 W. Affecting neighboring cities, Santiago, Talca, and Teno, approximately 5,042,900 people was in danger.

Thirteen minutes after the 6.3 Magnitude earthquake at 16:33:48.0 UTC, tremors cued from a 4.4 Magnitude earthquake taunted Antofagasta, Chile, causing back to back ripples underneath the earth’s surface reaching 153 km. Occurring at coordinates 22.95 S and 68.31 W, an additional 537,000 people were affected.

Twenty minutes apart, two low-grade magnitude earthquakes generating tremors, developed back to back after a 6.3 Magnitude earthquake walloped several cities in Chile an hour prior.

Local authorities are assessing damages and have yet to report any fatalities. Cleanup crews have been dispatched to clean debris off of the roadways. Efforts to assess all damages are ongoing.

Edited & written by Jhayla D. Tyson

Earthquakes Worldwide

Top & Featured Image Courtesy ofMartin Luff Flickr Page – All Creative Commons



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