On September 11, 2016, at approximately 4:07 P.M. MDT, a high school bus crash occurred near Denver International Airport, resulted in one killed and 18 injured in Denver, Colorado. A total of 32 passengers were aboard the school bus including, 28 of Legacy High School football players and four accompanying adults.

The Denver Police Department stated to The Denver Post, “Mid Sunday afternoon, an unidentified female school bus driver in Denver, Colorado, crashed into a pillar near Denver International Airport with the Legacy High School football team, resulting in one killed and 18 injured in the collision.”

Occurring near Denver International Airport, located at 8500 Pena Boulevard, Denver, Colorado; the four adults seated in the front portion of the school bus, endured the majority of the impact. The bus driver appeared to be crushed upon impact with the pillar. Severe damages are visible to the front of the school bus by Denver police officials.

Passengers of the school bus were transported to three separate hospitals to accommodate their needs. Four passengers in critical and in serious conditions are residing at Denver Health Medical Center, located at 777 Bannock Street, Denver, Colorado. Six students were taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado, located at 13123 E 16th Avenue, Aurora, Colorado.

The Denver Police Department has also released that an unspecified amount of people was sent to the University of Colorado Hospital, located at 12605 E 16th Avenue, Aurora, Colorado.

Police officials are bewildered regarding why the bus driver was on a returning ramp to the Denver Internationa Airport after the Legacy High School football team was already picked up. The investigation continues, and updates will be posted.

Edited and Written by Jhayla D. Tyson



The Denver Post: Driver Killed as Bus Carrying Legacy High School Football Team Crashes at DIA

Time: Driver Killed, Football Players Injured In School Bus Crash in Denver

Top & Featured Image Courtesy of ThoseGuys119’s Flickr Page – All Creative Commons


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