Hillary Clinton May Have Had Advantages in New York Primary

Hillary Clinton may have had advantages in the New York primary, held on April 19, 2016. Having the help and support of her husband Bill Clinton, former President of the United States of America, has been a great aid to the Clinton campaign. In regards to Hillary’s fellow Democratic rival, the established reputation the Clinton’s have among New Yorkers proposes a threat to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

According to the Daily News, “Polling sites statewide are scheduled to begin at 6:00 A.m local standard time, to 9:00 P.m local standard time. Residents of Queens and Brooklyn have posted to social media sites confirming that their local polling locations opened after 8:30 A.m local standard time and poll booths had not been set up.”

In an interview with the Daily News John Opdycke, President of Open Primaries stated, “The New York primary is closed, which allows Democrats and Republicans who registered to either party before Oct. 2015. Potentially three million New York residents will not be qualified to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary on April 19, 2016.”

As of April 2016, rival Democrat Bernie Sanders has won most of the primary elections held. As both Democratic contenders prepare themselves for the results of the 2016 Democratic primary, the weight of 291 delegates in New York adds to the uncertainty of who is proposed to win.

The closed primary in New York may have given Clinton an advantage over Sanders’ campaign because his supporters consist of a lucrative number of independents. According to Yahoo News. “In New York, Clinton has endorsements from Governor Andrew Cuomo, all of New York’s Congressional delegation, local unions and Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City.”

By Jhayla D. Tyson

Daily News: New York City Primary Voters Outraged by Broken Machines, Closed Polling Places
Gothamist: [Updates] The NY Primary Polls are Open (For Registered Democrats & Republicans)
Yahoo: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Battle for Momentum in New York’s Democratic Party

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Ann Althouse’s Flickr Page – All Creative Commons License


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